Better Call Saul Season Five

By Connor Mackle

You may have heard of Better Call Saul, the popular prequel to the hit show Breaking Bad, but if you’ve watched it you will know that there have been four seasons of the show so far. It has now been confirmed by AMC (the television network that Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul airs on) that Vince Gilligan will make a fifth season of the popular show, and have already put advertisements on TV and Youtube. As you may know, the show is centered around Jimmy McGill before he adopted his persona of Saul Goodman, and the events and experiences that led to his involvement with drug kingpin Walter White, which is shown in Breaking Bad. The trailer shows a Jimmy more reminiscent of the Saul we knew in Breaking Bad, which we haven’t seen in past seasons because the transformation hadn’t been completed. However, the transformation is apparently not completed in season five either. Vince Gilligan is planning to finish the show at six seasons, so we can expect to see a blend of Jimmy and Saul, or maybe see  Jimmy’s new persona near the end of the season. Although the show still has another season until fruition, we can look forward to the fifth season, coming February 23.