Teens & Sleep

By Stella Chapital

Photography by Lexy Martinucci

The average American teenager gets approximately 6.5-7.5 hours of sleep every night, three hours off of the recommended time. Not getting into a good sleep schedule can cause a number of long-term issues, chronic sleep deprivation being one of them. Once you get used to going to sleep at an unhealthy time, your body adapts, but not in a healthy way. It affects your mental well-being, the strength of your immune system and your overall physical health. Aya Banaja, a Sophomore here at Las Lomas High School said, “I believe that students would benefit from having a school course on time management that a counselor would give once a year to ensure a balanced year. This way, students would be able to gauge whether [or not] they have a healthy work balance.”

An unhealthy sleep schedule can be caused by a number of things, and homework and extra-curricular activities can be a lot, but students are the only ones responsible for their own lives. Dylan Myers said, “No one really makes the effort because no one really understands the results. I feel much better off of good sleep, I feel happier and less moody.” Although it can be quite difficult to get into new habits, the overall mental and physical health benefits are worth it.