BoJack Horseman Final Season Review

By Connor Mackle

BoJack Horseman is a Netflix Original series that has exceeded expectations and redefined adult cartoon series’ ever since its first season was released. They have since made five more seasons, and the popularity is well-deserved, as the comedy is fun and the characters are likeable and relatable. Season six tackles different ideas and problems such as alcoholism, depression and moving forward from mistakes in the past. This season shows BoJack overcoming his struggles while trying to reintegrate himself after his rehabilitation, which is difficult for him since his new personality is still reminiscent of his selfish ways. Diane is faced with writer’s block when she doesn’t know how to express her feelings, and struggles to write a memoir. Overall, the show does a good job at penetrating the surface and showing emotional depth, while still staying true to the fun and comedic nature of the series. The series is one of the highest rated shows on Netflix for a reason, and the conclusion of season six felt satisfying because of how bittersweet it was. The future was uncertain, but the characters seemed to come to terms with their mortality, which ended the true theme of the final season, existentialism.