Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10

By Cameron Pitzak

Larry David is back with Season 10 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The show has been on since 2000 and somehow manages to keep pumping out hilariously ridiculous episodes. When I first found out that a new season was being released I immediately thought, “How can he keep on going? How can he still have ideas for more seasons?” 

For those who haven’t experienced the show yet need to prepare for the non stop dry and painful humor the show has to offer. On paper the whole premise of the show seems like a painful experience, but it somehow manages to draw the viewer in and you begin to love the extremely uncomfortable situations the characters are forced into.

To me it seemed like Larry David had already exhausted every idea he could think of, for example in the Season 5 Finale, Larry just dies. He kills off the main character, then just brings him back to life for the next season just for comedic effect. But somehow he keeps on coming out with crazy story arcs that always keep the viewer’s attention. So far only 3 episodes of Season 10 have been released but all of them have been just as good as previous seasons. I recommend getting into the show if you haven’t already.