Water Pollution in California

By Stella Chapital

Graphic by Marco Perez

The main cause of water pollution is agriculture, and in the US, the most agricultural state is California. Farming is one of the ways California thrives, and changing the way we do things would cost lots of money. But water pollution is no joke, what happens is agricultural runoff from crops, which is littered with pesticides, flows into natural bodies of water. Jessica Cruser, a sophomore at Las Lomas High school said, “Agriculture pollutes the world the most in general, pesticides that are used in gardens and on crops are full of chemicals that are bad for the environment and can contaminate the creeks and rivers in California.” Pesticides are chemicals used for eliminating organisms (usually insects) that could potentially harm the crops or animals ingesting them. But when there is runoff, those pesticides make it to bodies of water where there is a naturally occurring web of life that is disrupted, which can cause issues for the ecosystem surrounding them.

Agricultural pollution is not the only type of pollution, it can also be caused by sewage treatment plants, industrial facilities, toxins being unsafely discarded, and urban runoff. Laila Siegel said, “Pollution should be taken seriously because of the many negative factors it could have on the world.” Pollution of all kinds are slowly killing the planet, and at one point it will be irreversible. So we have to ditch the idea of “leaving it to the next generation” and ditch the excuse of “It’s not our problem” because it is everyone’s problem, and in order to eliminate it, we all have to put our heads together.