Magazine Sport Volume 69, Issue 5

Boys Soccer is on the Move

The Las Lomas Boys Soccer team is having a fantastic season. They finished the season with an outstanding (18-1-1) record and a (9-1-1) league record, and to top it all off, the team has won the DAL league title, with their only loss coming with a close game with Ygnacio Valley that had a final score of 2-1. In comparison with last season, the team went (18-2-5) with an (8-1-1) league record, the team finished with a loss in the NCS semi-finals to Richmond High School. The teams’ dominance of their opponents has earned them a high ranking in comparison with other teams, Maxpreps has the squad ranked 6th in the entire NCS and 1st in the NCS’s second division. With the Knights seemingly guaranteed to get the first seed in the NCS playoffs, they will have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs which will give them an upper-hand. 

     The team has been dominant in all aspects of the game scoring a nice 70 goals and only allowing in 10, making the average game score 3.5-0.5. However, Senior Saul Bronstone said the team was far from done, “I only had 1 goal for this season and it was to win the NCS Championship, and if we keep playing the way we’re playing, I think we are on track to get there.” 

     When asked about the team’s strengths and weaknesses Bronstone had a lot to say “Our greatest strength is how balanced we are. Offensively, we can score on through balls, set pieces, crosses, playing direct, etc., and defensively we win every header and make very few mistakes in the backline. Our only weakness might be our ability to stay healthy because there are usually 2-4 guys that are either injured or sick, but as we near the end of the season, we should be getting a full, healthy roster back.” Having a full team is really important for any sport and since the Knights are bound for the first seed in the playoffs, it is likely they will destroy their first few playoff opponents and will not have to play too aggressive later in those games, which will allow the teams stars to rest up.

      This year the Knights will be sending off seven seniors. Bronstone believes the thing he will miss most about the team is, “The adrenaline rush I’d get when someone would score a big goal and the entire team would sprint over to whoever scored where we would all celebrate together. That is probably the best feeling in the world and something I’ll miss for sure.”