Magazine Sport Volume 69, Issue 5

Girls Soccer: A Fun Season

The Girl’s Varsity Soccer Team has just finished their season. They finished with a record of (3-6-4) as well as a (3-4-4) league record. This is a drop from last year in which they had a (10-6-1) season record and (7-4-1) league record and finished the season in NCS in a loss to Redwood High School. 

Even though the team didn’t have their best season, they still had many strengths. Senior Emma Casey said, “So I think our greatest strength as a team is that we work really well together. We’re all good friends both like on and off the field and I think it helps contribute to really strong chemistry. We also have a really young team. So I think that’s both like the strength and a weakness because especially that the sophomores are super athletic and fast, but because we’re from so many different teams, it’s sometimes hard to make our styles work together, and so I think it has been a little bit of a transition year.” One thing Casey emphasized was the youngness of the team; this year’s team includes one Freshman and eight Sophomores, which makes the team bound for a bright future. 

Despite losing the first five games of the season, the team refused to give up. After a tie to Miramonte High School, the team went on a six game winning streak which included an absolutely incredible game against Mt. Diablo High School in which they won 11-0. Casey said, “I think I actually right now is one of our high points even though we tied Senior Night and they scored at the very last minute. So we were definitely hoping to win that. But we had a little bit of a rocky start to the season… We’ve come a long way [from being unsuccessful] to where we could have let that get to our head and just given up and we’ve been working really hard and I think that we have a good shot like calling qualifying for NCS.”

Fortunately, the team won their game againt Benicia High School which qualified them for NCS. Yet, their season came to an end when they lost their game (2-1) against Redwood High School.

This year’s team is retiring eight seniors: Camille Powell, Emily Gillet, Uki Fujiwara, Emma Casey, Carol Halpin, Charlotte Till, Gina Trent, and Kylie Trent. When asked what she will miss the most about the team Casey said, “You need to be able to spend so much time with people from like all different grades and really become close with them over the season and we have such a great coach Jeremy Hull in at Warren Bradley. And so I’m going to miss the people the most I think.”