Lockdown on Coronavirus

by Ally Hoogs

You know, you could be the next victim for coronavirus.

Students and families in California are preparing themselves for the new epidemic, that might spread to the high school to claim its first life. 

In a recent poll of 147 Las Lomas students, responses were mixed on whether the school should remain open despite the disease which is rapidly spreading around the world.

47% of students think the school should close, 37% there is no point to school closing, and 16% are not sure. 

“I don’t believe the threat is imminent enough” commented one student on the matter. They said that people need to still “be very cautious,” and keep close eyes on the spread of the coronavirus. 

Contrary to this, another student optioned that “School is one of the most common places for sicknesses to spread very easily at a fast rate,” and therefore, school should take preventative measures to stop any illness that could be fatal from being spread. Measures such as closing the doors until the virus is contained.

A two-sided argument, that turns the school on its head on whether or not it is desirable for the community to shut down schools immediately in fear of the virus spreading.

Some don’t think it is necessary, but others say it is the best plan the district could take. “I believe that school should close to prevent the spread of the coronavirus because of how devastating a disease like this could be at a school like Las Lomas. Students should feel safe at school and not have to worry [about the coronavirus].”

Regardless of the disputes, some responses posed another essential question to the topic: is the school ready and prepared for a major epidemic? The answer would likely be the deciding factor in this close-down debate. 

One Las Lomas  student mentioned that “the school should do a better job at educating and providing sanitary things. For example, having soap and towels in the bathrooms,” and if “…they can’t do this, then yes, school should be closed.” According to some, sudden measures could help increase the spread of disease, which would put everyone at risk during school.

“Closing [the] school should be in the best interest of the administration to keep students safe,” one commented, in fear of germs spreading easily in compact classrooms where one cough can spread like a wildfire. 

Others oppose the idea by mentioning that “the flu has killed more [people and] yet no one has ever suggested closing school over it,” which bears opinions on if the real epidemic is the one inside our heads.  

Nevertheless, a good rule of thumb is to wash your hands with soap after touching objects that could be infected, and not coming into contact with people who are coughing and sneezing. Protecting yourself is the easiest measure to take in order to stay healthy during the event of an outbreak of bacteria.