Painting Diversity

Art is how many people choose to express emotion or ideas. Some use it to attract attention to an event, others paint to idolize a person they look up to. Whatever the case, they all share something in common, despite the color schemes: they get a message across all platforms. People can find hidden meanings in these paintings and use it to reflect it onto themselves. 

The Las Lomas Art Club has taken priority in spreading the message of diversity around campus with their newer piece. They add this alongside an older mural, one devised of several faces in different, bright shades of colors. Senior PeiShan Yu, vice president of the Art Club on campus, described the project as, “…it’s about diversity and love.. It’s a way to express yourself…”

The newer mural consists of ten students, each with a different but apparent hobby. All are of a different race, none looking the same. One wields a paintbrush, while another holds a soccer ball. Another person clearly portrays him as a theatre student, while one shows the excitement of photography. They all share something in common; when we all enjoy something, no matter our race or gender, we form a community. President of the Art Club, senior Yoon-Ju Kim, states, “…it has different activities that’s not noticed in Las Lomas…” 

With all hope, this project is expected to be completed soon, allowing students to enjoy the new mural. Art Club hopes to be able to spread messages through their work from here on out, as Kim notes, “..the first thing to do naturally was to do something involved with Las Lomas.. The mural just came naturally…”