By Roxy Schneider

Graphic by Quincey Stewart-Kohr

Are you nervous about how to get that special someone to be your date for prom? Prom this year is April 18th, which is about two and a half months away. Here are some ideas to get a definite “yes” from your special someone: 

  1. For your spicy foodie: A sign that says “These are flamin’ and so are you…Prom?” To help with the look of the poster, put Hot Cheeto bags around the poster or in a separate carrier to add that extra flare.
  2. For your baseball/softball fanatic/player: A sign that says “Can I steal you for prom?” You could also write this onto that sport’s ball if you want a less showy PromPosal.
  3. For your shortie: This works best for asking someone that you are a lot taller than. Use a big piece of paper taller than them that says, “You must be this short to say no to prom,” like a roller coaster ruler of 54 inches. 
  4. For your hopeless romantic: spell out “Prom?” with candles. To make it even more special, try a sign that says “Will you light up my night by going to prom with me?” P.S., This works better at night.