Super Smash Bros

Many of us can reminisce about the great times we had playing Super Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii. Although the new game in the Smash Bros series could have brought that euphoric feeling back for some with the release of the groundbreaking Nintendo Switch. The new entry is called Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and it is the second-most popular game for the Nintendo Switch, with almost 16 million units sold. It’s not hard to see why it has sold so well. It’s a fun game to watch and play. Playing 1v1 against a friend is exhilarating, and playing with a big group, while chaotic, is still quite entertaining. The mechanics of the game and the unpredictability of the matches creates an atmosphere where even if you are losing a battle, you can easily get right back into the match and come out on top. That’s what makes this game so interesting. What’s especially intriguing though, is the way the players come together to play.

There are many Smash Bros tournaments across the world, and a huge tournament was recently hosted last weekend, right in the Bay Area–specifically, Oakland, called Genesis 7, and I chose to experience it. This is the seventh year it has been hosted, and each year it has grown larger and larger. I went on the first day of the tournament and it was packed, even though it was just people coming together to play Smash Bros. The big events were slated for the weekend. The first thing I wanted to do was hop into some friendly matches with some of the extremely friendly Smash community. I asked if I could hop in and play a couple of matches after a couple of games and they were happy to oblige. I then struck up a conversation with a fellow player,and like me, it was his first tournament as well. He was around 30 years old, which just showed me that this game isn’t limited to just teenagers and children,and that this game appeals to a wide variety of people. I ended my visit by watching a couple of high profile games on the projector. The crowd, while watching, would go crazy when a great move was pulled off by a player. The day was an experience I will never forget.

Out of all of the great things about Smash Bros, I think my favorite is the friendliness of the community. Everyone is extremely approachable, and when having a conversation, no one seems to feel awkward talking to you. It’s a feeling that I can’t quite explain. It’s almost as if you know a little bit about everyone in the room, and that’s what this amazing game has been able to create. This makes me really excited about the future development of Super Smash Bros and its community.