The True Meaning of Life

by Riley Martin

Photography by Zakai Avidor

The meaning of life is a thought that has been mulled over by individuals for many years. It has consumed the lives of some, whereas with others it plays near to no role in their life. It is not as simple to find the meaning of it as it is for any other word. Most other words you can look up in a dictionary or commonly on Google, however, there is no clear definition behind this word. 

What is the meaning of life, then? Sandra Safein, a sophomore at Las Lomas, believes, “The meaning of life is a very complicated matter because there are many aspects for a person to think about. I think that people’s meaning of life varies from person to person, depending on each person’s values towards others.” What causes the meaning of life to differ so much from person to person? Is it a question that requires a heightened interpretation to answer, or is it a simple matter that has been convoluted? Auguste Beckman, also a sophomore at Las Lomas, stated, “When you explain the meaning of life in broad terms, it turns into something comprehendible and can be relayed over everyone. Once you become more specific and go into more depth of [the meaning of life], that’s when it becomes complicated.” To what point do we simplify it? There is bound to be differences in beliefs, and that is just the inevitable truth. This enables just a basic level of simplicity. The meaning of life remains simple and complicated, and those adjectives balance each other out with a harmonious relationship linking them together.