Weather Report Spring 2020

by Charlie Pentland

Photography by Marco Perez

With March just around the corner and the flowers of spring emerging, we can look forward to some of the qualities of the coming spring season. Some point out the beautiful colors that spring brings, while others point to the warmer weather and increased sunshine. 

Regardless of whether or not you like the spring, it is impossible to argue that the weather doesn’t get warmer. It’s science. Though scientists predict a slower start to the spring season in some parts of the country, this is not the case in California, as we have had an unusually hot and dry winter. Some meteorologists suggest this is because of a dry spell over the state of California. According to CAL Fire, this has resulted in massive wildfires spreading across almost 260,000 acres according to CAL Fire. No matter what way you look at it, California needs some rain.

AccuWeather predicts California will stay warm if the average temperature increases by two degrees Fahrenheit. Average highs for the spring will be 69F to 71F while the lows range from 51F to 53F. 

While some people are blaming the extreme wildfires for the increase in temperature, others point to climate change. Either way, spring is approaching fast.