Why You Should Learn Chess

By Connor Mackle

Graphic by Luke Theodossy

If you’ve never played chess, you may feel like the learning process isn’t worth the experience of the gameplay itself, but I’m here to tell you the other side of the story. Chess is worth your time and effort, not only because of fun gameplay, friendly competition and good experiences, but you also get strategic knowledge, critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills and just the overall knowledge of how to play, which in some cases may benefit you. 

Chess will improve critical thinking skills because in chess, you constantly have to consider your next move and think on your feet when it’s your turn to move. This also helps you think ahead a few extra steps, which is helpful. 

Another reason to learn is to play with friends. Chess is a very fun game because it all depends on strategy and perception, and it’s better when you play against someone you know. Even more reason to play is how it enhances your critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills. 

Thinking creatively on your feet is a common occurrence in chess, and the more often you engage in that mindset, the more you exercise your critical thinking skills. To conclude, chess is a fun game that, once you get past the learning stage, can benefit you in ways beyond the experience.