Digging Into The New Season

Photography by Jackie Veliz

The Las Lomas boys volleyball team is roaring into action for this spring season, already claiming two victories and first place at their annual Deer Valley Tournament this week. Only days after their tryouts, the varsity team claimed a series of wins over Miramonte last Tuesday and Alhambra on Thursday. The recently formed team took first at the Deer Valley High School tournament they played on Saturday in Antioch, bringing pride back home to Las Lomas. Led by Coach Changaris (known mainly as Coach C), the team seems to have goals already set for this season

It seems this sport brings a lot to those who play it, including captain senior Tergel Uuganbayar. He is most known for his top- notch hitting and digs, in which helped win his club team first place at their tournament. He notes, “…I want to bring everything I can to the team…I want to bring our team together as much as possible.” Uugankayar led his team, alongside co-captain senior Dylan Payne, to victory as they managed to scoop up first place at the Deer Valley Tournament in Antioch, California. The varsity team easily wiped out all of their competition, taking the majority of their opponents out in three sets. They came home champions, easily moving them up the ranks in the district.

The team currently has an undefeated streak, bringing in high numbers of the student body to cheer them on. Coach C talks about the improvement of fans coming to his team’s games, “…it’s nice to see them in the stands…it’s a little more publicity.. I know that with certain players, that brought more people out…”

Uuganbayar also noted improvements they need to adjust to make a star volleyball team, “…definitely need to improve our passing and covering on tips… our goal is to win NCS…” With hope, the boys are headed into their second week, holding on tightly to their 6-0 streak, reigning as undefeated in our division.