Licensed to Kill

by Ally Hoogs

Photography by Savannah West

Last week a yearly game continued within Las Lomas. One that pits more than 300 juniors and seniors against each other for a prize of $1,000. A classic game they like to play every year, one they called Assassins.

Students in teams of three, each individual paying $5 to participate, compete against other groups, ones that they get assigned to each week, and trying to shoot one another with Nerf guns before and after school hours. With every person a team hits, they gain three points, which helps advance them to the next round that takes place each week. With every person that does not get shot, the team gains one point.

Gradually, over six weeks, the number of groups  dwindles until there is one team that reigns supreme and wins the cash prize at the end of the tournament.

Despite the rules that the game has, some players go too far. 

Junior Grant Schott, who is currently playing, mentioned in an interview this week that it is “very stressful [because] you have to look out for a bunch of things,” like other teams that may be hunting your group. 

According to Grant, “people take the game way too seriously [to the point] that you’re fighting with the person [you are trying to hit],” which can make the game not as enjoyable.

Sarah Long, another LL Junior who is participating in the three-man brawl, noted that some people do go too far into gameplay:
“I know the school has a policy against having the [Nerf] guns shown around [school]…so there are some people who are really invested in it, and that sometimes can get them into trouble.”

Sarah made sure to comment, that it has not been “too intimidating [this year], at least in my opinion.” 

There have not been any injuries during this year’s match, and most students enjoy the rush. A senior at LL agreed that some do take the game too seriously, but they knew that a lot of people enjoy it because they get to play with their friends and fellow classmates.

The contest is not connected to the school, so it is truly everyone for themselves. Although the school is a safe zone during the weekdays, players are not allowed to shoot darts at someone else driving, or shooting people while one is driving, it was still mentioned that those rules do not prevent people from taking it too seriously.