The Friends Reunion

The beloved show Friends has been off the air for almost 16 years now, but people are still watching the show constantly. When Friends was on Netflix, it was the second most watched show on the platform with almost thirty-two million minutes watched in 2019 by subscribers. Unfortunately, on January 1st, 2020, Friends was taken off Netflix. Netflix’s licensing contract was over, a contract for which they paid $100 million to keep Friends on Netflix for 2019. Friends is now going to HBO’s upcoming streaming platform, HBO Max. 

HBO Max is luring subscribers from Netflix with Friends, but also with a recently announced Friends reunion! The full cast of Friends will be coming together for an unscripted special episode in May 2020, when HBO Max launches alongside all 236 episodes of Friends. All of the main Friends cast posted photos on Instagram of the cast with a caption saying, “It’s happening.” This special could lure many Friends fans to HBO Max and possibly Netflix subscribers. Subscribers might jump ship to HBO Max so that they can experience their favorite show again. I am personally quite excited to see all of the Friends cast together after such a long time, but I’m also worried that it will not be the same, and fans will be disappointed. All we can do is wait for the big reveal in May.