Sick to the Stomach

by Ally Hoogs

Photography by Savannah West

Science has far surpassed diagnosing diseases due to microscopic wrath, but what remains to be hidden is induced illness brought on by things that do not seem to have any harm.

Millions upon billions of bacteria bombard the body at any given time. Students are also sucker-punched with assignments that pack on the anxiety, which, according to some, cause them and their classmates to start feeling like a pile of rocks.

Cassidy Carlberg, a junior at Las Lomas, noted that stress makes her friends “visibly show that they feel very sick…because they don’t focus on themselves with their minds preoccupied with assignments.” 

She also commented that this can eventually lead to people not being careful and becoming unhealthy, both physically and mentally.

Freshman Grace Dean stated that “if you’re dealing with stress and anxiety…there can be chemical imbalances [which] your body doesn’t respond to.” 

Anxiety and stress-related complications are known to be linked to certain illnesses and remain an important factor in research. In a study conducted by Harvard Medical School, people with a stress-related disorder are “more likely to be diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.” 

While the school was observing 1,000 individuals over a year with stress disorders, nine developed an autoimmune ailment. They then tested 1,000 individuals without a stress disorder and, in one year, six developed the same disease. 

“When [people] are more stressed and put under pressure, they start to think and feel differently than how they feel when they are not under stress,” said freshman Keilah Ezaddin when she was asked on the subject.

All three students interviewed mentioned these effects in their friends and their everyday lives, which they noted affect their well-being and how they react to the outside world.

Stress is not the only factor in becoming unhealthy, but it can create a doorway for less illness prevention and help students kill their bodies from the inside.

Managing stress and prioritizing assignments can lower the strain on the body. Therefore, to help the mind and body focus on the duties that are most significant in their lives.