The Return of LEGO Star Wars

by Connor Mackle

Graphic by Luke Theodossy

You may remember LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga from your childhood, and if so, I have good news for you. This year, a new LEGO Star Wars will be released, named LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. This new game is rumored to be released around December of 2020 and has many new features that improve on the last game. The first new feature is that unlike the old games, this game will have actual recorded voice lines instead of grunts. For the fans of the last game, they have an option for grunts instead of their voice lines, but since the movies have such iconic lines, this is a welcome addition. Another huge change is that the new game will be open world. That’s right, LEGO Star Wars will allow players to explore a galaxy far, far away, and of course, the planets. The new game will, of course, expand on the character selection options, while in the last game the character selection screen was iconic, this game will improve on that by adding even more characters for each of the movies featured in The Complete Saga, and adding characters for the new sequel movies as well. With all these great changes, if you played the last game as a kid this game will serve as a great nostalgic trip for fans of any age.