The Use of Headphones Should Be Allowed During Class Work-Time

by Riley Martin

Photography by Lashall Richards

In the case of Las Lomas the usage of music via headphones has been held under strict rules. This is because to link the music, the headphones must connect to a phone, a device that has grown to be hated by the standard that it holds. Many believe the device is a distracting thing that will hold people from doing their work, so it is better to be safe and cut the usage of it completely than to let the chance of distraction sneak in. 

Although accusations of kids being constantly distracted by their devices have been made, not all of this is true in regards to music. Doctor Teresa Lesiuk, a professor in the music therapy program at the University of Miami, stated, “Those who listened to music completed their tasks more quickly and had better ideas overall than those who didn’t.”. This was referring to the research she has completed on the effect that music has on work performance from an individual. Even though music can benefit those desiring to get work done at an efficient rate; it does too depend on the volume of the music somebody is listening to. Iris McMillan, a senior at Las Lomas, stated, “I enjoy listening to music most of the time while doing classwork or homework, but not super loud, I have noticed that the volume makes more of a difference.” 

The usage of phones should be modified in the classroom due to the key fact that it is a potential distraction withholding one from getting a proper amount of work done. This all being said, the combination of low volume, music tunes out the other potentially larger distractions, like classmates and such. With the more lenient use of headphones during class work-time whilst still maintaining a somewhat strict rule on phones there can be an accommodation made that will benefit both parties.