Entertainment Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 6

Eternal Atake Album

Photography by Joseph Peters

Lil Uzi Vert finally released his long awaited album Eternal Atake on Friday, March 6th. After years of teases, videos, tweets, and broken promises to his fans, he kept his word and dropped the album a week earlier than it was scheduled to release.  Plenty of celebrities such as Trippie Redd, Da Baby, Big Sean, and DeAndre Hopkins were happy to see him finally release this long awaited project and showed their appreciation on Instagram. Before dropping the album, Uzi released a teaser trailer for the album that showed him in an office, being abducted by a spaceship, but that wasn’t all he revealed. He also gave his fans an opportunity to choose the cover art for the album, by letting them pick between three choices. . Although his fans were ecstatic to finally listen to Eternal Atake, many were disappointed that the songs “Rollie,” “Of Course,” and “Myron” were not on the album, after being leaked before the release.

 Uzi recently tweeted that a deluxe version of the album should be coming sometime this week and will include at least 8 songs and will feature “Rollie” and “Myron.” Even though Uzi confirmed this, it is far from definite. As fans know, Uzi can be tough to trust. Last December, Uzi said he was finished with the album, but then a month later announced he was quitting music on his Instagram. To his fans’ surprise, Uzi  said that 2020 will be non-stop drops from “Baby Pluto” despite his statements on social media. It was shocking to see that Uzi only had one other artist featured on Eternal Atake, but it’s suspected that won’t be the case with the deluxe.Future, Da Baby, Young Thug, and other artists are supposedly included..

The success for the album has been jaw dropping to say the least. Eternal Atake currently has 15 of the top 17 songs on the Apple Music charts, and it is also the first time since Christmas that Roddy Rich’s “The Box” is not number one. Eternal Atake is also on pace to go platinum in a week, which is often unheard of in the music industry. Uzi is certainly cementing his legacy as one of the best rappers around today. With over 6 million followers on Twitter and almost 12 million on Instagram, there is no question on how big of an influence Lil Uzi Vert  has become. It is a great time to be an Uzi fan, as it looks like this year will be filled with new music from “Renji.”