Magazine Sport Volume 69, Issue 6

Girls’ Softball

Photography by Yiying Zhang

The Las Lomas softball team has started their season off. Last year the team started off struggling with having a 2-7 record to start the season. But then the team bounced back going 7-2 in the second half of this season with their final game being a loss in the NCS (North Coast Section) playoffs against Benicia losing 6-0. Overall, the team had an even 9-9 record but had an excellent league record with 8-2; Coming second to Acalanes which went 10-0 in the league. Currently, the team has an 0-4 record.

I had the chance to interview Junior captain Mia Hanson and she is remaining optimistic about the season, “We’ve only had a few games but we’ve already been able to improve on many things both skill-wise and in terms of team cohesion.” Hanson also wanted to emphasize the importance of team chemistry, “I think that just being able to practice and team bond is very important in helping us prepare to work together on the field”, her teammate Junior Sydney Fippin agreed, “ I think throughout the season we will improve on many things and overall become a stronger team.”

When I interviewed these two, I learned that this year’s team consists mostly of sophomores. The roster includes three Juniors, six Sophomores, and three freshmen. It is important to note that there is not one senior on the team. However, Fippin was not at all discouraged, saying, “Obviously since the season has just started there are things we can work on but considering that we are a young team I believe we are performing well.”  Hanson added by saying, “So far the team has been doing well considering we’re a young team.” Being a young team they may not have much success this season, but they may have extremely good seasons in the next one to three seasons.

The team has already had one league match with Battle of the creek against Northgate, which they lost 5-0. The league games will start back up on April 14 when they play at Ygnacio Valley. The team will most likely be competing with Acalanes for the league title again this year. “ …I’m looking forward to the Acalanes game this year because last year we had some good competition with them,” said Hanson. The team looks to win the league title, not for bragging rights, but to clinch a spot in the NCS playoffs. Last season the team was 15th seed in the NCS Division 2 playoffs. Unfortunately, the team lost in the first round to the 2nd seed Benicia.