Magazine News Sport Volume 69, Issue 6

A Fresh Start for Girls’ Lacrosse

 Late February marked the start of Girls Lacrosse, and with it comes a whole new season for the team to compete. These girls didn’t just start playing Lacrosse, some of these athletes have been playing the sport since they were in fourth grade; so by no mistake did they make the NCS Playoffs last year, as they plan to do so again this season. In order to make it to the NCS playoffs the team had to have won a majority of their games and train to be the most competitive and determined of all teams. Many in the Girls lacrosse team last year and this year had been playing together for years. “Our team was very close last year on and off the field.  The amount of trust and communication on the field last year was amazing,” says Carol Halpin, number 18. “I am really excited for this season. We lost some of our key players from last season, but we have also gotten some new girls that are great additions to the team,” says Halpin. She explains that this year, “we have started off with a lot of chemistry on the field and if we can keep improving it, I think it will take us really far this season.” With each practice lasting about 2 hours these players are putting in all the effort they can into ensuring they can have the best possible outcome in the games to come. #16 Amelia Metcalf, who is also a member of our schools leadership, says that she believes they’ve “got a pretty strong team.” Metcalf says that “[the team has] a new head coach and a brand new assistant coach that are going to bring us to success this season.” Last year there had been management issues with the previous coaching staff which had  momentarily inconvenienced the lacrosse team. commenting on these challenges Metcalf says “Although we had a lot of issues last season, as a team we came out stronger and ready to play for this season.” According to Halpin the team’s current head coach has been the assistant coach to the Las Lomas Girls Lacrosse team for 3 years. “The returners on the team are already very comfortable with her, since we have all been coached by her before. She also pushes us to our limits, which helps us improve our skill and improve our team chemistry.” says Halpin. Hopeful for this coming lacrosse season, Halpin explains that she would like to see results that match the team’s effort and ability on the field. “We are Playing many competitive teams this year , and the rest of our season will be filled with good games that will push us as a team. If we keep playing the way we are now, this season will be a strong one..”