Magazine News Sport Volume 69, Issue 6

Boys’ Volleyball

Photography by Jackie Veliz

The Las Lomas boys volleyball team has begun their new season. Last season the team was extremely successful and was ranked by MaxPreps as the 91st best team in California. Last year’s squad was 17-12 and ended up with the 4th seed in the second division in the NCS (North Coast Section) playoffs. They ended the season with a loss to Northgate in the NCS semi-finals, Northgate is one of the best boys volleyball programs in the entire country. The Las Lomas vs Northgate battle of the creek games are always something to look forward too, “This year I am really looking forward to the Northgate vs Las Lomas because our teams seem to be matched up very well with each other.  Both the Northgate and Las Lomas teams have excellent hitters that will play a very big factor in whether either of us win or not, but anyway it will be a spectacular game to be a part of,” said Las Lomas freshman Michael Wood. The team played an extremely tough schedule last season and they will again this season, as the league they play in includes some incredibly good teams such as Acalanes, Campolindo, and Northgate.

This season started with a matchup against Miramonte High School in the Deer Valley tournament, in which they easily handed them the loss by winning every set. They would win every set for the next 5 games as they went on a six-game winning streak to start the season and take home the tournament trophy. “Well the volleyball team has been a lot of fun and everyone on the team is very nice and fun to be around.  The team definitely has a lot of potential to be the best around…” said Wood. In high school volleyball, the teams play in “sets”, not quarters and the first to reach 25 points and lead by 2 wins the set.

 Last season the team did not find much success in league play only going winning 2 games out of 8. The team will start their league matches on March 26 when they play at College Park, which is a team who had lots of struggles last year, but the Knights can”t take them lightly if they want to win” Nevertheless, the team will still have tough battles with their opponents.  “My goal for the team is to really fulfill our potential and become the best we can.  I think we can beat some of the really good teams in our league, we just have to focus in and play our type of volleyball,” said Wood.