Magazine News Opinions Volume 69, Issue 7

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Graphic by Jackie Veliz

In order to curb the evolving COVID-19 crisis, we must first take it seriously. Drastic measures must be taken and strictly followed such as California’s quarantine. In order to prevent the virus from spreading, people must also take the government’s instructions seriously and educate themselves on the Coronavirus. 

The state Department of Public Health issued new directives to all Californians Saturday morning about what activities are restricted during the unprecedented statewide stay-at-home order aimed to help slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus. With all these rules in order, Californians should simply stay home. Social distancing is not a suggestion, but a necessity. Businesses and organizations that provide critical infrastructure for the state are exempted, including health care and public health, public safety, food and agriculture and media. These places are necessary for us to survive during these times, so luxuries such as dining out and going to the gym are prohibited.

Many young people do not experience the same level of symptoms that immunocompromised and older people experience, so we must be careful and think of others besides ourselves during this time. Many Las Lomas students do not have a perspective on the possible damage that they are doing to others by not following the state orders. “Any average young adult may face corona like just another cold, but for those immunocompromised or with underlying health issues it’s a different story,” Junior Emma Mendelssohn said. “We are likely facing hospitalization and potentially death, so consider those not as fortunate to have the security in their health as you might, before you risk their lives for a fun afternoon brunch with the gals or hanging with the boys.”

The longer that people defy the rules set out for us, the longer this quarantine will likely last. Many Las Lomas seniors are losing their final days of high school, Ball, and possibly graduation. “I really want to go back so I can finish my senior year and see all my friends and family again,” Senior Carol Halpin said. “I have been playing lacrosse for three years at Las Lomas and I was so excited to play my fourth and final season.”