Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 7

Are other states taking similar action?

by Mya Rafferty

Graphic by Joshua Silva

Due the coronavirus’s hazardous spread, many states began taking precautions by only allowing their citizens to leave their homes when extremely essential. 

When states first began ordering shelter-in-place, five states did so: California (first in the Bay Area), New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Connecticut. Additionally, counties such as San Miguel in Colorado, Athens-Clarke in Georgia, and Blaine in Idaho are put under a shelter-in-place order. 

California was the first state to order shelter-in-place on March 19. Recently, Gov. Gavin Newsom has said that schools may likely close for the rest of the year thanks to the shelter-in-place order continuing.

Other state governments are realizing shelter-in-place necessity, including Louisiana, Ohio,  and Philadelphia whose shelter-in-place will start Monday March 23. Delaware’s is starting Tuesday and New Orleans on Friday. 

 Many counties in Texas are also taking similar precautions; however, Texas’s Governor refuses to impose a shelter-in-place protocol. Hawaiians are trying to convince their government to put the state in shelter-in-place, as well. Also,  Kentucky’s Governor Andy Beshear ordered ‘nonessential’ businesses to close, and Michigan recommended residents to stay at their homes. 

Most of these quarantines will be in effect until April 3 or 6, and could be longer depending on what happens next.