Entertainment Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 7

What Video Games Should I Play During the Lockdown?

by Connor Mackle

It’s already past a week of the lockdown in California, and the original panic has, for the most part, died down. People seem to have become more comfortable, and have started going outside. However, there isn’t much to do outside, given that most stores and fun places are closed. So, as a person who enjoys video games, I must recommend some. First off, if you and your friends have a console or means to play video games, I would very highly recommend investing in a membership to the online services, such as Xbox Live or Playstation Plus. Along with this, you can buy a headset to chat, or if you can’t buy one, Xbox offers the ability to join a party chat on their app, or you could just call the other person while playing. I can’t recommend this enough, especially now that we’re on lockdown, this is a great way to play and hang out with your friends online. Now let’s move towards games. For the Nintendo Switch, the newest game and trend is the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons game. New Horizons is a calm, community-focused game, and everyone seems to be playing during lockdown. For Xbox, Playstation, and PC, I’ll start by highly recommending buying Red Dead Redemption 2. For starters, you get 40+ hours of gameplay for the main story, plus you get the online mode, which has been updated to the point where there are plenty of things to do by yourself or with friends, all with your custom character. I will also recommend Jedi: Fallen Order, which is another great RPG story game. For Playstation users, if you haven’t already tried out Spider-Man and God of War, go do yourself a favor and play them. In these times, some of the best connections you can make are through gaming, and I can’t recommend it enough.