Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 7

AP Tests Altered

by Josh Morgan

Graphic by Lashall Richards

Advanced Placement (AP) tests are exams high school students take; they can possibly give students credit for college classes . With the recent coronavirus outbreak, there have been numerous changes affecting how students take this year’s AP tests.

Unlike the SAT and ACT tests, students will take the AP tests online this May, instead of in pencil-and-paper. Students can use Any electronic device to take the test, including phones, computers, and tablets. Although the tests will still proceed as scheduled, there will be other few notable changes.

First and foremost, students won’t be take the entire test.Students will take the test’s streamlined version, due to moving to the online format. The College Board will also make extra efforts to design the questions in away that makes cheating difficult.

Information will still come out about how the College Board will hold  this year’s AP tests, but currently, the College Board allows students to cancel their exams for free.