Magazine News Sport Volume 69, Issue 7

I’d‌ ‌Rather‌ ‌Be‌ ‌Doing‌ ‌A‌ ‌Sport…‌

Photography by Zakai Avidor

When students heard the coronavirus had hit the Bay Area, many were excited for school to be shut down and to do normal teenager things, like movies with their friends or hanging out at each other’s houses. Yet like a slap in the face, school was taken, a Shelter-In-Place was issued, social distancing was suddenly a key in our daily lives, and sports were gone. The NBA, the NHL, the new XFL, and other sports organizations announced their closures starting March 11, when NBA Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for corona. The closures of other major sports were announced, leaving those excited to watch upcoming games uneasy of what was to come. 

It wasn’t long after these unexpected closures, Las Lomas issued a “no spectator view” at multiple games days before the school’s closure. This warning was put out to help prevent the spread of the disease if someone was infected, yet not all people seemed to listen to it. Freshman Diego Ramirez, who plays on the JV boy’s volleyball team, noticed the mass amounts of people, saying, “..there must have been some miscommunication, I mean most of the parents weren’t from Las Lomas so it must have just been our thing… it kinda sucked though getting the email, it’s like a football game  with no fans, but I understand..”

While many reminisce over their lost season, the initial pain comes from the senior class. This would’ve been their last season at Las Lomas, this being included in a variety of lost things like prom and maybe even graduation. Senior Siddharth Sandhu reflects on his lost tennis season, “I’ve been looking forward to this year since I was a freshman. I feel like part of me is being taken away…yet I am very lucky for what I have and I am trying to make the most out of this situation.” Sandhu is included in the large group of senior athletes who might not be walking on their Senior Night games, an event most people from every grade dream about.

During this horrible, lonely period of time, many student athletes are anticipating the return of their seasons. Senior Jaden Fisher, who does competitive cheer, says, “I wish I would’ve known at the time so I could really appreciate every moment before it ended so abruptly.”