Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 7

Prom and Ball Cancelled

by Nolan Runkle

Graphic by Madison Laxamana

As you may already know, the school cancelled Las Lomas Junior Prom 2020 due to concerns about the virus. The dance, supposed to take place on April 19th, was not delayed, but outright cancelled.  

The reason for this was, the COVID-19 outbreak, as any group of that size would possibly spread the virus rapidly. Although there will be refunds on any tickets bought, the news of the cancellation has definitely put a damper on some students’ moods during this pandemic. 

When asked about her reaction, Las Lomas Junior Rachel Hoffman said, “I was disappointed, but I understood that it was necessary to keep everyone safe. I’d rather have prom be cancelled than infect somebody. I had planned to go get my prom dress sometime in early March, but that got rescheduled due to the virus and I had not yet picked out a new date to get my dress”.

But some other students were actually happy to hear about Prom’s cancellation. Junior Patrick Perucho at Las Lomas said, ”I was happy because everyone gets so hyped about it when it’s just another dance where there’s gonna be a mosh pit and all they play is rap music…  when prom should have a WAY bigger variety of music, so that everyone, even the people who sit [in] the bleachers, can enjoy it.”

Prom required significant planning and event coordination, so a pandemic occurring at this time, is very unfortunate for both students and event planners, too. Prom is a huge part of school life for students; for some, it’s almost impossible to have the real high school experience without attending Prom, but no one this year will have that experience.