Features Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 7

How will online learning affect grades?

Graphic by Susan Rahimi

Like it or not, all signs are showing that online learning is most likely going to stay for the rest of the school year, however, it has only been confirmed through May 1. This means all quizzes and tests are going to be taken at home on the computer. 

This is making many students wonder about their grades, especially since many students rely on academy time and general class time to get help from their teachers. Fortunately, Zoom meetings and other forms of communication between students and teachers can help this problem. Sophomore David Farell said he was not worried about his grades dropping during distance learning “ because apparently, it’s going to be pass or fail 4th quarter grades, so it won’t matter.”

 Acalanes Union High School District is going to be lenient with grades during the second semester, proven in an official document emailed to students and parents, the district said the following: 

“AUHSD is modifying grading practices for the 4th Quarter of the 2019-2020 school year:

  • Overall 4th Quarter Grades — Students will not earn an overall letter grade for the 4th Quarter; instead, they will receive “Credit” (CR) or “No Credit” (NC). 
  • Second semester grades will be recorded as  Credit/No Credit grades. These guidelines may be revised – please see “Future Considerations” below.”

In a follow-up email sent a day later, Associate Principal Aida Glimme said the district is looking towards flexible options such as, “Allowing students to select a letter grade or credit. This letter grade may be the grade from their 3rd quarter.” Glimme also said,  “Should we return to school with significant time left, we could go back to letter grade policy. We do not know the length of school closure; therefore, we have to stay flexible regarding our plans and guidelines.”