Features Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 7

Productive Things You Can Do While On Quarantine

By Roxy Schneider

Graphics by Christy Knudson

We all know that this quarantine can get dreary and boring so here’s some things you can do at home to help kill some of that time. 

Cooking. Cooking takes up time and you can make something out of pretty much anything. As Senior Tergel Uuganbayar said, “I’ve been cooking a lot lately…lots of family lunches.” Cooking is a great way to also practice staying healthy during the quarantine. Baking things such as brownies and cookies are also a great way to impress your family for an after dinner dessert special.

 Another way, is by working out. Going on long runs, by yourself or even with a pet can help you stay in shape while the gyms are closed and also takes in all the beauties nature has to offer. Junior Ashley Cowell, also agreed that one of her favorite things to do now is “walking with her dog when it’s not raining.” 

A lot of people though spend most of their days doing homework. This week was full of experimenting with different methods of getting teaching done, so many teachers assigned a lot of work. For most of us this is a lot due to taking six to seven classes and having all of our teachers assigning at once instead of more spread out. Junior Sophia Margiotta, said, “I’m doing the mountains of homework my teachers gave me.” 

For those of us though that don’t have mountains of work, now is a great time to catch up on Netflix shows and movies, try new workouts, eat new foods, play fun board games with your families, and maybe even time for some self-reflection. While in this quarantine, being able to take this time to de-stress and take care of ourselves is so important and can take all the time in the world, so use this quarantine to your advantage.