Features Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 7

Online Workouts at LL

By Roxy Schneider

Graphic by Luke Theodossy

Since school has shifted into online school, so has Physical Education, which is cut into four different categories: freshmen P.E., yoga, weight training and team sports.  All the teachers seem to have the same method.

 Doug Longero and Mike Ivankovich both have their students keeping logs of their exercises. As Junior Mason Reese said, “We basically just have to keep a log of what we are doing along with some worksheets.” These logs consist of sections with titles such as “Aerobic activity” or “Muscular Strength.” Students then have to fill in those logs each day. For example, doing squats would be an example of muscular strength. 

I asked Sophomore Cian Malone about cheating and he said, “Yes it’s very easy to cheat if you want to but I try to do the workouts every day.”

 On the other hand, Erika Marshall is having students video proof their workouts. Junior Hailey Lopes said, “Ms.Marshall sends us weekly routines and we have to film ourselves doing it and then submit it to google classrooms.” Marshall does this with not only her yoga class but also her freshmen class. 

Overall, students seem to like what the teachers are doing. Most students feel that this is a lot easier than doing written assignments like other teachers do.