Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 7


by Josh Morgan

Graphic by Madison Laxamana

Another domino that fell amid the coronavirus outbreak has been the SAT and ACT standardized tests. ACT, Inc. which previously scheduled the April ACT, for April 4, will hold it on June 13, and outright canceled the May SAT. The College Board also canceled the March SAT makeup exam.

These standardized test companies are in a difficult situation considering that the tests were done with pencil and paper, meaning that they are reluctant to hold the tests online. There would also be numerous problems coming with online testing. The ACT and SAT both worked working on ways to move the test online in the future out of convenience, but those plans were developed enough  to go with them at this time.

These standardized tests are important parts of college admissions, so many juniors could be in a very difficult situation thanks to  postponed and canceled test dates. However, many colleges are starting to take initiative to adapt to the situation; many schools already announced that they will remove standardized testing from their admissions process next year, and more schools are expected to follow suit.