Features Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 7

Coronavirus: A Senior’s Perspective

When I texted my mom everyday to convince her before lunch to excuse me from my sixth period statistics class, not going to school and moving to online is not what I meant. May first is when school is supposed to restart, many are unsure about what will happen, the possibility of school resuming after that  is slim but not none as new information about coronavirus comes out daily. 

Senior Kate Cashion said, “The coronavirus has made me feel very anxious about making the most out of my senior year. I feel like I’m going to miss out on a lot of memories with my family and friends.” 

As most of us are practicing social distancing and self isolation, we have not been able to have normal interaction with our friends and extended family. I imagined this part of my senior year filled with good memories and spending time with my friends and family that I won’t be able to have within the next four years, but once we are off a quarantine the times will be short but will make up for all the time spent apart. Activities like Ball and Graduation are coming up and I would hate for these events to be cancelled or moved to a later date because I want to have these memories with my friends before it’s too late to move to the next chapters in our lives, but of course everyone’s health is and should be the first priority. With the possibility of the rest of the year being canceled this brings a lot of anxiety to all students and parents especially those who are preparing to make college decisions. Emmi Farell, a senior at Las Lomas, had plans to visit colleges over spring break to help her make a decision but now she can’t. I had a trip planned to New York to meet students and maybe a few roommates in late April but the hotel canceled our reservation due to the severity of coronavirus in New York City. Most schools have pushed back the decision deadline from May first to June first to relieve some stress so hopefully the spread of this virus can get under control so people can travel and choose where they want to spend the next four years. We can only hope coronavirus gets under control so we can have the things we’ve waited four years for; the senior barbecue, reflections, ball and walking across the stage in a cap and gown to get your diploma then finally flipping the tassel, because let’s be honest a zoom graduate wouldn’t feel all that special.