By Roxy Schneider

Graphics by Christy Knudson

Easter  means getting up early in the morning, running downstairs to see what the Easter Bunny had brought you, getting all dressed up and pretty for church, going to brunch, and then eating all the candy you got. 

Psych! Since you can’t do a lot of those things, here are some fun things you can do this Easter.

Don’t have plastic eggs to hide? No problem! You can hide real eggs. Real eggs work just as well. To make them decorative,you could dye then, or use a sharpie to draw faces on them, or even write a little message to whoever finds it. The hunt can get a little messy if someone drops an egg or your pet finds one and decides to make it a snack. 

Can’t do a nice Easter brunch? Why not make a grilled cheese bar? All you need is whatever food you have in your house. Any type of bread you have works. Ciabatta, Whole Wheat, Whole Grain, even moldy bread works. Once you lay out the bread then you put the cheese. Then comes the extras; pickles, onions, ketchup, sour cream, and peppers, whatever your heart desires. Once your masterpiece is complete, throw it into the pan and listen to that cheese sizzle. 

While you’re waiting for that cheese to melt, grab a paper plate and start drawing. Draw away till your cheese is melted. To make things a little harder, create a competition of who can draw a quarantined Easter Bunny the fastest. . Winner takes all the glory. 

No matter what your plans are to do this Easter, make sure you do it with your loved ones and most importantly have fun during this hard time.