Features Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 7

Journaling during Shelter-in-Place

by Stella Chapital

Graphic by Christy Knudson

Today people are undergoing a situation of uncertainty with hundreds of assumptions, thoughts, and worries flying through their heads.

 Journaling can help control feelings of confusion and other strong emotions, also while helping organize thoughts and help one from feeling overwhelmed. Anyone can journal, even if writing sounds like something out of your comfort zone, it can really improve mental health and increase motivation. 

Many students right now are surely experiencing fear, stress, and confusion, all on top of trying to figure out online school. Sophomore, Trinity Keefer said, “Well, I think in times like these where people don’t necessarily have their friends or family to talk to it can be helpful to be able to let go of how we feel by writing it down. It makes you feel like you aren’t going through this alone and will help you release the stress that the media and current situation in our world is causing.”

Rather than keeping those emotions inside, some have found writing is a great way to calm yourself down and collect your thoughts.  Journaling also can inspire creativity which will eventually take part in curing boredom and will help pass time during social distancing.   

Sophomore, Sydney Mauer said, “It could help a lot because when you self isolate, you can get bored, and its something to do. Also if going to talk to a teacher or friend is how you get your feelings out, journaling can be a way to do that while staying alone.” 

Rather than being unproductive, you can use journaling as a way to grow emotionally and otherwise. Ever since the shelter-in-place has been enacted, mental health has been more important than ever, and just journaling a small goal or plan is largely beneficial to your well being.