Entertainment Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 8

Music Therapy

by Nolan Runkle

Graphic by Susan Rahimi

When things are getting stressful, and right now we all know they are, what better way is there to relax than to listen to some of your favorite songs? Music therapy is a scientifically proven method of encouraging deep relaxation. You may know some of the common ways music therapy has and can be used; for example, some mothers play Mozart for babies, and some people play a song to help them get in a certain mood. It is an incredible science that affects more aspects of life than you’d think.

As published in an article by, listening to a 20 minute loop of a 40Hz beat can have a few positive effects on your mentality. The waves caused by this frequency trigger areas in your brain that help with perception, which causes you to be more efficient when doing work. The almost trance-like state it puts you in can be heard as a base in a multitude of songs, which explains why music affects your mood.

In this chaotic time we live in, listening to music and vibing out is one of the best ways to calm down or keep focused out there, and now you know, it’s scientifically proven.