Magazine News Sport Volume 69, Issue 8

What is summer going to look like for the high school sports world?

By Charlie Pentland

Graphics by Yiying Zhang

With the country being held in shelter in place, the sports world is on pause for an undefinatine amount of time. Many spring sport players are forced to sit out from playing their favorite spring sports. This has many student athletes wondering if their spring sport season will resume or be cancelled all together.

“ I sure hope I get to finish the season,” says Sam. Sam Lapping is a JV baseball player from the class of 2023. “ I know my teammates and I have worked hard all fall to play this spring, and to have it taken away really bums me out” This is an opinion shared by many spring athletes at Las Lomas. When asked how he thinks it will affect his summer, he responded “ If the season continues I don’t think I would be able to play my summer travel team.” Many athletes compete on a separate team, not affiliated with Las Lomas, in the offseason for additional practice and competition. If spring sports were to resume, this may cause conflict for people who do play on a club or travel team.

While spring sport athletes were forced to suspend their seasons, some winter sport athletes feel grateful they got to play there season. “ I am happy we got the season done but I do feel bad for my friends who weren’t able to,” says Khalil. Khalil Grant is a freshman who plays basketball. He and many other fall and winter sport players do feel remorse for their friends who didn’t get to play a full season.

In addition to a potential conflict with overlapping teams, some people are concerned with how grade eligibility and how that may affect who and who cannot play. Usually students must have a 2.0 or higher GPA. However with the new pass or no pass grading system, things might look a little different if sports would return.