Magazine News Opinions Volume 69, Issue 8

Walking. More Walking.

During these times of social isolation due to COVID-19, many teens have picked up new hobbies in order to stay entertained during their newfound free time. I, like many of my classmates, was desperate to pick up a new hobby to get me out of the house and off electronic devices. The easiest way for me to get some fresh air became obvious; it was at that moment that I committed to going on daily walks. 

I departed on my first walk at about 10 AM on a Saturday with my dog, Sophie. We walked for about an hour, and passed people on the sidewalk; we remained six feet away from all oncoming pedestrians, of course. Even though I did not know these people and they likely didn’t know me, I was overcome with excitement to see people that weren’t my family, who I am currently quarantining with at home. Honestly, I was happy to get some social interaction in these times without school or social gatherings. 

After a few days, my sister joined me on my daily walk, and in the blink of an eye, it became a family outing. My family, like many others, have found ourselves going on daily walks and meeting new people along the way, from a distance. I wouldn’t be surprised if my whole neighborhood knew each other and our individual walking routes by the end of quarantine.