Features Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 8

Ways to Lower Stress During This Time

Graphic by Jackie Veliz

Most people in America are stuck at home with practically nothing to do while letting the stress of the situation build up, but luckily there are things to do to counteract against that stress. 


While many are aware that meditation can relieve stress, most people never bother to try it. Contrary to what most believe, It doesn’t have to be complicated,. all  there is to do is sit down and focus on breathing. It may seem too simple, but it’s actually highly effective and can be a great way to clear one’s mind.

Try Something New

This may seem somewhat cliche, but doing something different can be a great way to take the mind off COVID-19. It doesn’t have to be a huge task like learning an instrument, it can be something simple. For example, try cooking an exotic dish or listen to a different genre of music. To “try something new” doesn’t mean it has to be productive in any way, it just has to be something that’s engaging enough to distract from that fact that the world is ending.


Most people don’t have the time to read in their everyday lives. Many who do have the time, feel like reading is too boring. However, now that we have stay at home orders, there are no more excuses.