Features Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 8

How do Students and Teachers Feel About the New Way of Interactive Learning?

On the fourth week of participating in virtual classes, many students and teachers are still struggling to handle the sudden change in daily life at school. Communication has been incredibly difficult between students and teachers due to so much confusion and the switch from physical classrooms and teachers, to online classrooms and teachers. Instead of lessons being taught in person by a teacher, they are now being emailed to students so they can learn through emailed instructions  or through virtual meetings from the facetime app Zoom. As an alternative to physical school, students and teachers acknowledge that it feels like they are  participating in school to an extent, but not without confusion. Josh Vigil, a student at las lomas, explains “It feels like I’m still [taking part in] school , but it’s far from normal. This is a common sentiment shared among students and teachers. Vigil adds,  “It’s very weird to wake up and go to school in the same room everyday.” Almost every teacher uses Zoom to check on students, or answer questions. Some teachers schedule mandatory meetings, while others make them optional and post the meetings to school loop. For some students, the amount of virtual meetings can be very little or very high. Vigil says he uses Zoom three to four times a week,“So far I’ve had one zoom call a week for every class, and [because] some teachers are doing optional office hours, the amount of times I use Zoom is dependent on how much help I need.”Lag or bad internet connection from the host can cause Zoom problems, along with a user’s connection and the process of getting into a meeting.  Scheduling these meetings has been both positive and negative depending on the students.Student Shealyn Hyde, who has had a very different experience with scheduling, says “Scheduling has been really good for me, but I know some people have had to miss something because of two classes interfering.” One of these people with conflicting schedules is Vigil. Speaking on these issues Vigil says that “Scheduling in general has been a disaster… I’ve had so many calls that were at the same time as another class.”  There are some teachers that agree there are scheduling issues because nobody has set times that align with the other teachers class periods. Another issue that has been a shared experience among teachers is the incredibly low attendance to their online classes compared to the number of students they actually have. Mr. Morse, a chemistry teacher, spoke about students’ low attendance on his online classes through google meet and how a typical meeting has very few attendees. Speaking of his experience with the app he said, “It has been fine as far as interacting with students, but there are so few that it is disheartening.”  Mr. Orozco, who teaches Algebra 1 and 2, also spoke of low attendance at his zoom meetings. Whether or not to record and post a lesson from zoom or a prerecorded video  has been under consideration. Mr. Orozco  said “I feel that leaving recorded lessons for students affords them the ability to pause, rewind, etc. Can I record live zoom sessions and post them for students to watch later? Absolutely. But those recordings will be more than twice as long, making it much less likely that a student would actually pay attention to the entire video,”  Explaining why he chooses to post pre-recorded lessons. Teaching through online classes is still quite new for our school and teachers and students still have issues that they must workout, for example the low attendance which could be caused by the mixed schedules that some students have, or possibly the credit or no credit grading system which may allow some students to feel that they no longer need to take school as serious. Whatever the issue is, we are all still learning how to deal with this new situation, both students and teachers.

Hey this is an awesome article, you really got all the perspectives and ur interviews are awesome, no need to worry about the teachers if u dont get the interviews, just change the title and cut out teachers. Thanks for ur patience w me!!