Magazine News Opinions Volume 69, Issue 8

Personal Update: How Am I Doing During Quarantine

by Riley Martin

Photography by Ava Mobil

Quarantine is the thing that makes you realize that you don’t do anything else besides using electronics, going out (school, driving etc), and hanging out with friends. I was one of the many that enjoyed the idea of no school because that is something every kid dreams of: school’s canceled. This meant we got to do whatever we wanted that was inside the rules of the shelter-in-place; of course that narrowed it down to getting to do almost zero of the things I hoped of doing. 

School has gone on just as it usually had. Except now, learning something is even more difficult than it was before. Bright side of the education system now is that I don’t have to stress about understanding something just so I can get an adequate grade. Downside of that is I don’t get that extra point on my GPA for that AP class that has been so stressful this year.

The single best thing about the quarantine is slamming through every TV show and movie series there is. Y; yeah, not kidding. I am potentially a little ashamed of everything I have watched; there are definitely some embarrassing ones in the watched category of my Netflix. 

One thing is for certain about how I am doing in this quarantine: I am so beyond bored that it has called for some desperate attempts at resolving my boredom. Frying my brain with movies has been my only solution so far.