Entertainment Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 8

Tiger King Review

Graphic by Lexy Martinnuci

Tiger King is one the most bizarre docuseries to ever be released. The more you watch, the more unbelievable it gets.

Tiger King came out on March 20, 2020, and became an instant hit. It seemed that you couldn’t go five minutes on social media without seeing a post about it. Tiger King starts off focusing on one person, Joe Exotic. Joe is the founder and owner of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, which he claims is the largest private zoo in the United States. As you watch more, it reveals that Joe isn’t exactly the wonderful person he shows himself as.

During the show, we learn about Joe’s worst enemy, Carole Baskin. Carole is the leader of Big Cat Rescue which is an Animal Sanctuary for big cats. Joe attacks her in his YouTube videos seemingly every minute, and talks about how he wishes she was dead. Carole criticized private zoos because of how they abuse the animals they take in. Joe then accuses Carole of killing her husband, who disappeared in 1997, and then feeding his body to tigers.

The thing Tiger King does best is keep you intrigued. The show never sticks to a theme for too long and each episode reveals something new, each more shocking than the last. Whether it be Joe’s run for president or him getting dragged around by tigers in an exhibit.

The show’s second to last episode feels a bit bland compared to the rest, besides being the most crazy. I feel like there should’ve been one more episode. There was a bonus episode where various zoo staff members were interviewed, but I feel that show could’ve had a stronger conclusion.