Graphic by Christy Knudson

As everyone is aware, teachers have been giving students online work at all AUHSD schools. Students and teachers have been interacting through email and video chats on Zoom. There have been numerous complaints with students in the community about receiving online work, more so with seniors. It is a dream for most to one day walk across the stage wearing a cap and gown. However, with the pandemic that we are currently in, that has been taken away from the class of 2020. As a student, I must admit I haven’t been too happy about this myself. In most students’ point of view, we don’t feel that there is any point in school work at home, if we aren’t going to be at school to graduate. The only valid point that I can get from doing work at home, is that it is preparing us for online work during college. If Colleges do give online school for the first semester because of the pandemic, students would be attending regular classes and doing homework. 

Many mixed emotions have been felt during this time. There’s the feeling of relief from not having to go to school, but there is also disappointment from not being able to finish out the rest of high school with childhood friends, while making memories that can’t be made again. In my eyes, teachers have been giving more work than we usually would get, since we can’t be at school. In my opinion,  we should not have to do work if we can’t go to school, but it is what it is. I’ve always been one to put my pride to the side and get the job done, which is what I am now doing. I choose to look at the positive side of things and look ahead. Even though we can’t see each other at school one last time, we will still be able to go to the colleges that we have gotten into, and go on with our lives in the future. So the original question was “Is online school more or less of a workload then regular school?” No, it’s basically the same amount of work we would be getting in regular school, but it just seems like more being that we aren’t in school.