Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 8

District Plan for Summer School

Graphic by Lexi Martinucci

While the Acalanes Union High School District is ending the 2019-2020 school year with distance learning, it is yet to determine whether summer school classes will be face-to-face, online learning, or a hybrid. Understandably, the district is waiting for recommendations from officials with the county health department for guidance. According to Aida Glimme, Associate Superintendent and Director of Education Services, the District seeks to offer the usual course offerings for those students that need to attend summer school. She explains, “if we are allowed to offer regular summer school (classroom instruction) we will offer it; if not, we will offer online summer school. If we can offer some limited classroom option but not entire experience, we might look at a hybrid of classroom and on-line offerings. The offering will truly depend on what the orders are from the County Health Department and if we can return to our facilities.”

Typically, the classes  offered during summer school are core courses required for a student to graduate. Regardless of the type of instruction the district has in place during the summer, students can be assured that the District will offer core classes. As such, Ms. Glimme indicates that “all of our courses that are usually offered will be offered (core classes required for graduation). We do not plan on changing course offerings from prior years.”

As the grading policies for second semester changed to Credit/No Credit, eligibility for summer school will be determined accordingly.  In essence, for this summer, a student that receives “no credit” for a course during the fourth quarter will be able to retake that class during the summer. As explained by Ms. Glimme,  “Summer school is a credit recovery program, so as in the past would be offered to students who are repeating a course to receive credit. Under this definition, yes, it would be offered to students who receive “no credit.”

At this point, the timing is up in the air for when summer school would start. According to Ms. Glimme, “The dates for the summer school would stay the same but if it is fully online, there could be some flexibility in how it is administered. We cannot fully answer this question yet.”