Magazine News Opinions Volume 69, Issue 8

Quarantine: A Time for Self Discovery

by Caroline Johnston

Graphic by Ava Mobli

Since school has been cancelled and the shelter in place has begun, many students have found themselves with an abundance of free time. Students can no longer hang out with their friends, they find themselves spending an awful lot of their time alone, with nothing to do. Whether it is journaling, painting, or baking, many students have picked up at least one new hobby since quarantine has started.

Quarantine can be a time of self growth, as people reassess what is important in their lives. During the normal school year, the majority of students have only a little amount of free time to themselves, because they are at school for approximately seven hours per day, then participating in extracurriculars, such as sports, art classes, or volunteering, for multiple hours after school, only to come home and spend the rest of their evening working on school work before they have to go to bed. Now with distance learning, students are only supposed to spend about four to five hours per day at the most doing school work, and all extracurriculars are cancelled. This leaves them with countless hours to try new things, that they maybe would have never tried before, and could spark new passion in one’s life. 

Quarantine is also a time to focus on what really makes oneself happy. With no fear of judgement, one can do whatever they like, dress and look however they like, and act however they like. Many students have switched up their looks during quarantine, whether it be a new hairstyle or color, or a new fashion style. This is because nobody has to worry about what other people will think.

Spending time alone, despite it being somewhat forced, is really a beautiful thing. Hopefully people come out of this quarantine with a whole new perspective on life, and have truly learned to love themselves without fear of others opinions.