Graphic by Zakai Avidor

As a 16 year old with siblings between the ages of six and two, I know how crazy a normal day can be, but now with quarantine it just got a lot crazier. Like many other students,both my parents need to do work to maintain their jobs at home, so a lot of my time is put into watching the little ones. I try and make sure they have some sort of scheduled activities, from feeding them lunch, to helping my six year old brother with addition and subtraction.  During this shelter-in-place, Las Lomas Sophomore, Alicia Rios has been with her 12 year old step sister Mía. Alicia said, “I have to help teach them to do bigger chores around the house due to Corona giving a lot more free time, and parents wanting more help at home.” On normal school days, Alicia does what she can to help her family with chores, and Mía with her school work. She said, “We each have different school schedules most of the time. I wake up earlier and get all my homework done before 10 AM which is when school starts for Mía. By then I can either help them with homework, or start on my daily routine and chores.” Along with Alicia, Sophomore, Sandra Safein has a 12 year old brother named Chris. “I have to help him with the work that he doesn’t know how to teach himself. So I teach it to him and he carries on with his homework. I also have to help make him food during the day when my parents are in a meeting.” says Sandra, “He only takes a little of my time with his questions and me having to make food, but it’s not too bad because he is old enough to handle most things.” Having younger siblings can be hard , but during this quarantine, siblings have been able to come together and help each other out. 

Hey great job! I really love the interviews and the personal touch you put on this article