Magazine News Opinions Volume 69, Issue 8

Does Anyone Truly Care for a Virtual Spirit Week

By Riley Martin

Graphic by Ava Mobli

Spirit weeks have always been a fun and joyous part of what would be a regular school week. They are not only a way that only certain groups can connect, but a way that a whole community of people can connect with one another. They are inclusive of everyone, from students, to teachers, and to other members of staff. It creates memories with the students; taking pictures with all their friends. 

However, part of staying home at this time and going to school virtually is being able to wear whatever you want because you are at home. I know I will stay in my pajamas and sit through zoom meetings and other homework pieces rather than output the effort to dress for that spirit day. 

I think that virtual spirit weeks are a great way to try and keep everyone connected and to make positive situations from this negative circumstance, but I do not think it holds the same importance to others as it once did. I would dress up for spirit week for specific aspects, and those aspects simply don’t apply anymore because we are stuck at home. Sophomore Sydney Fenton said, “I think it is a good idea, but right now I’m just not interested in it.” I believe it is that simple, that it is a good idea, but we have other things to be doing that are being put at a higher priority.