Features Magazine News Volume 69, Issue 8

Doing Everything Other Than Sitting Around

Graphic by Lexy Martinucci

Days before Governor Newsom announced a shelter in place throughout the state of California, people enjoyed daily life with friends and family, ran on the Iron Horse trail, and traveled to sport competitions.. As soon as the news was released, life immediately changed for what seemed the worst: people flocked to supply on produce, toilet paper was gone instantly, and the trail got eerily quiet. With everyone cooped up at home, it’s hard to see light in this ghastly situation. Yet, students have found ways to look past the pandemic and continue to do the things they love.

These hobbies, such as drawing or getting outside, give us a chance to break the monotonous cycle we’ve come to know, but are simply activities you can do in your kitchen or down the street. Easy at-home activities have taken over TikTok as easy tutorials for all of us stuck at home, including baking, running, art, and music. Freshman, Madeline Abellera notes the sudden change in trends, “People are posting their hobbies mostly to give other TikTok users ideas of things to do out of quarantine, however, users may post their hobbies for a variety of reasons. TikTok is much more than a dance app; people can show off their hobbies and inspire others to join them.” 

One of the more notable trends is baking: the art of turning pastries into beautiful designs, with great taste. Cooking has picked up more recently with all the apparent free time, with many people following simple tutorials and Betty Crocker mixes to create stunning cakes and cookies. Freshman Sadie Henderson, who has been baking more recently since the shelter in place, tells us, “I’ve been baking a lot more frequently and have been baking things that I haven’t tried before or wouldn’t try under normal circumstances….it’s been a lot of fun experimenting with new things.”

A couple of well known trends include art and music, both practiced by millions across the world in various forms and styles. Junior Sophie Butcher, who’s been playing guitar for six years mentions, “I’m able to practice a lot more with the new free time. Having the equipment in my room helps motivate me to play.” While many play music, others take advantage of the break to improve their art abilities, including Freshman Seraphin Sunderman, who states,”I’ve always enjoyed drawing, but now I find myself making something new everyday…drawing has added a little bit of spice to this long quarantine.” So while we wait for this pandemic to pass, opportunities are opening up everyday for people to explore that don’t include sitting around all day. Websites like www.hobbydb.com offer ideas to connect and excite people that enjoy similar things.